The Result: Teamtraining Handbook

Five partners - one project:

„Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education.“

For the project “Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education”, funded by the EU Daphne III Programme, 5 organisations from 5 different countries came together to exchange experiences and concepts for their empowerment approaches to the prevention of violence and the strengthening of constructive conflict resolution. These empowerment approaches were realised through team training activities, which were offered in the most different settings to young people and especially to youngsters who are living in rural areas and considered as being disadvantaged. Establishing a network for exchanging our knowledge, we held 4 project meetings over the time and several job shadowing visits from partner to partner, which were valuable experiences and a major factor contributing to the success of the project.

One important outcome of the project was the methodological manual which you can download here. It shows our best practices.

All our organizations are experienced in working with youngsters in the field of outdoor education and many of us have taken part in international projects before. We work with both professional staff and highly committed volunteers, whose work and commitment during the project with all its meetings, team trainings, job shadowings (the long-distance travelling included) and office work was priceless.

We would like to thank all the people, professional, volunteer or participant, who were involved in the project and who submitted their energy, time and ideas to the thought of working together against violence and for youngsters all over Europe.

Naturfreundejugend Thüringen, Erfurt, March 2013