The job shadowings were mutual visits between the involved partner organizati ons on a professional level. They provided an opportunity for the multi pliers to widen their knowledge and to gain some new insights into the violence preventi on work with youngsters. The aim of these job shadowings was the practi cal exchange of experiences between the multi pliers. Practical working examples of the other European countries enrich the local work and facilitate a new perspective towards the involved observer. Furthermore the job shadowings improved sustainable professional contacts.

A short report from Hungary:

Job-shadowing 1: in Germany/April 2012. I took part during the whole durati on of this team training of the German organizati on. The parti cipants were really motivated and enjoyed the 3 days’ acti viti es. I learned new methods and got new ideas, which I shared with the other partners during our project meetings.

Job-shadowing 2: in Lithuania/ September 2012

 We went to Lithuania together with the partners from Czech Republic. The participants had taken part in all team trainings. This event was the evaluati on meeting for them, when the results of this project were presented. I learned new methods, got new ideas again and made a positive experience again.

 A short report from France:

Job Shadowing in Hungary, Bequeskaba, September 2012

The theme of the visit was oriented on traditi onal music and dance. Traditi on and folklore are ubiquitous in the country and in Hungarian culture. And folklore as a whole (singing, dancing, costumes, traditi ons and customs) is a unifying element involved in intergenerational link and promoti ng social and cultural diversity. The visit was consisted: folk group working; weekend work – this is a group of 25 young boys and girls aged 7-15 years who have found time for a weekend to rehearse and learn traditional dance steps; folk festival preparation – groups based on the costumes, songs and dances representing their regions.

A short report from Czech republic:

Job-shadowing 1: 27.6.-30.6.2012, Verteillac, France

Our trainer Vendula Vojákova spent a week at the French partners of the project, Centre Social et Culturel in Verteillac, France. However, there was no team training taking place during her stay. Nevertheless, she was shown a lot of materials documenting the activities of the French partners, got some good practice examples and saw the beauties of the region of Bordeaux.

Job-shadowing 2: 6.10 – 10.9.2012, Rokiškis, Lithuania

The Czech trainers’ group coordinator Radek Hrachovec travelled to Rokiškis in Lithuania to visit our local partner for a week in September, 2012. He got known the methods, which the local Apvalus Stalas uses in the field of youth work and supporting young leaders in the field of knowledge of local and national politics issues. Radek was also present to the last team training of the partners and appreciated the high level of communication, cooperation and group empathy skills of the participants of the program focused on educating new team leaders and active citizens.

A short report from Germany:

For our job shadowings our volunteer Lucas, who also took part in the team trainings as a trainer, went to visit our partners in Czech Republic. He described his experiences as very positive, as he was especially surprised in a very positive way by the respectful and harmonic interaction between the participants. Our Czech partners had described difficulties with the group in the beginning, and now the very positive effects of their work were clearly visible. In Hungary the work with foster families was new to Lucas, as the big difference in ages (from small children to parents) was very challenging for the trainers, who mastered it with very high commitment and motivation.

A short report from Lithuania:

Job-shadowing in France

This jobshadowing experience provided me with new insight into youth work. It was a great chance to get to know our partner organisation better, their working style and methods and of course, get a grasp of a rich French culture.

Job-shadowing in Germany

Job-shadowing visit in Germany gave me the great possibility to monitor and as well to get involved in activities of „Naturfreundejugend“. During 5 days that I have spent in Erfurt I got to know a strong youth organization that is working in various fields of youth policy and I expanded my understanding about youth activities in Germany. This visit gave me a priceless chance to challenge myself working with young people who experience social problems and revealed a new model of youth organizations activities.