Within the project several activities are planned to implement and reach the objectives of “move it”:

Four meetings will take to ensure a constructive exchange between the project partners. Multipliers from the partner organizations participate in each meeting to discuss the actual state and future tasks, to share experiences and to discuss possible and transferable solutions for the problem of violence against young people. The Meetings support the communication via e-mail, telephone, etc., and are especially necessary due to the fact that the project language is English.

In the course of the project, job shadowings provides an opportunity for the multipliers to get to know the violence-preventing youth work of the other European partners and to integrate the new didactic and methodological issues in their own work.

The central aspect of the project "Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education" is to develop a low – threshold, transferable European concept of “team training. The concept is based on adventure based education to rebuild the youngsters’ self-confidence and capacity for teamwork and to let them recognize alternatives to violence. A number of test trainings each partner will arrange in his region will lead to the point if and how a transferable solution for violence prevention work based on outdoor educational methods could be handy and possible.