Five partners from five different European countries have come together for the “move it” project.The partner organizations are situated in Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany. All share the same background: they are working with young people from different, mostly difficult social or /n and economic backgrounds.

One objective of the project is to establish a network between the partners and to qualify and evaluate their work. The partner organizations are mainly from rural areas and have a lot of experience in outdoor education. The experience of the project partners is the foundation of the common project. One main interest is the professional exchange on a European level, to gain new ideas for their work.


Kamuti Gyermekekért Alapítvány

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Centre Social et Culturel du Verteillacois


Duha Velká Medvědice

logo frei 17x17cm 300dpi hksNaturfreundejugend Thüringen

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Rokiskio jaunimo organizaciju sajunga “Apvalus stalas”