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Naturfreundejugend Thüringen is the independent youth organization of the NaturFreunde Thüringen. We have now been existing 20 years and committed manifold. We are THE youth association for social justice, environmental protection and meaningful leisure activity.

We are not a traditional environmental group or only one travel provider. We do not hug trees - we rather plant them or climb on them. The fires that we extinct are either politically or the remains of a campfire. We are taking our hands in and we are into democracy. We create free time.


We, as Naturfreundejugend Thüringen, set ourselves the goal to offer happy holidays to children and young people, who perhaps cannot afford holiday camp. At the same time we try to give the children and young people as many opportunities as possible to rediscover their living environment, to try new things and maybe to make friends with strange ideas. That means, for example, that the groups cook themselves,
or that German and Czech participants are active together, or that all can take part in decision making. But it also means that the participants look beyond their personal horizons and are encouraged to expand their own limits.


International is - not surprisingly - that we are pursuing international thinking very much. There really is no summer camp, not to arrive at least one partner group from another country. Because we think: Nothing is more exciting than overcoming borders. We think it is important to show children at a young age, that ultimately we are all equal and that one in Ukraine, for example, does not play different, laughs in an other way or makes friends totally different than people do it here. The Naturfreundejugend Thüringen maintains very good contacts with many other countries, and builds from this constantly, along with the Czech Republic also with Hungary, with Ukraine, Turkey, Spain or Lithuania. So we visit the partner groups in their countries several times a year.


At seminars and retreats of the Naturfreundejugend Thüringen children and young people are encouraged to become actively involved: in our association and also in our society.
As a political association one of our key concerns is that children and young people take part in decision making and are involved in shaping their own lives and environment. This we live on a small scale in our camps and put it in the big frame on our Thuringian children summit. The self-determination is always in the foreground. And a commitment to the Naturfreundejugend Thüringen provides many opportunities to participate in social and political life

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