Within the project "Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education" the project partners from France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany pursue the main objectives of

  • linking youth workers, acting in rural areas, furthermore

  • the methodological and pedagogical transfer of knowledge within the fields of empowerment and outdoor education (interdisciplinary experimental education) on an European level, as well as

  • the strengthening of the democratic European values through violence prevention work with young people.

The central aspect of the project is the joint development of a transferable European solution of the problem of violence among young people in rural areas by developing a "team training" concept.

Within the project outdoor educational methods, combined in a five-stage set on topics such asconfidence building”, "cooperation" and "cultural identity" should lead the young people between 13 and 18, who are in threat of violence, to “empowerment” by applying individual as well as group processes.

The multipliers in the partner organizations are used to work with young people from difficult social or economic backgrounds, with barriers in their education and first experiences of violence. These multipliers are the direct targets group of the project.

For them four training and networking meetings are conducted during the project. Additional to that four trainings and networking meetings and a total of twelve job shadowing mobilities are made up.

The young people in rural areas threatened by violence are the indirect target group. The project partners place different priorities according to their local backgrounds, but all share the difficult situation due to the backgrounds mentioned above.

The multipliers develop a low-threshold "empowerment" approach, which was tested in a prior phase as part of a total of 1800 training days, in which the young people themselves supported the development through instruments of feedback and participation.

Concrete results of the project will be on one hand the significant interactive project homepage, on which results, impressions and intermediate steps will be documented for the (scientific-) public and which is going to be a networking tool for the multipliers.

The other result is going to be the developed low-threshold “empowerment” concept for a long-term and lasting violence prevention of young people in rural areas, which is documented in a meaningful, comprehensive way to assure the transferability of the results, in form of a handbook of methods. The distribution in all countries will be guaranteed by the translation in all partner languages.

To complement the sustainable impact of the work in during the project the concept is actively going to be implemented in the local methodology as well as in the professional discourses of the preventive work with young adults of the partner groups and beyond. To secure the networking of the partners a follow-up project is imperative to aspire.