The project “Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education” focuses on the following objectives:

1. Exchange of experiences and best practice among the involved partners of the project:

Within the project "Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education" a network will be implemented. The target group of this network are multipliers of youth work in rural areas from the partner organisations specialized in adventure-based education.

2. Transfer of knowledge

Based on the transfer of experience between the multipliers a transfer of knowledge should be encouraged, which then influences the indirect target group – adolescents between 13 and 18 years -in the partner countries. The transfer of knowledge deals with the methodology of adventure – based education to impart empowerment of deprived adolescents. Therefore the experiences of all partners will incorporate in the project directly.

3. European inspirations for local activities

In the course of the project job shadowing for the target group of multipliers will allow the involved partners to experience the violence-preventing work in other European countries closely and integrate the methodical aspects into their jobs.  

4. “Team training“ – development of a common European solution approach concerning violence among adolescents

A concrete result of the project "Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education" will be a low-threshold and European adaptable concept of training called “Teamtraining” which uses adventure-based counselling to give back self-confidence and teamwork- ability to adolescents and show alternatives to propensity to violence. The concept of training will consist of a five-stage methods kit: 1. proper cultural identification, 2. definition of the actual state and targets, 3. cooperative challenge, 4. communication, 5. conflict resolution

The target group for that approach are especially the multipliers in youth work and likewise their target group of the adolescents because they will participate in the trial trainings to develop, attempt and evaluate the best-practice methods and take advantage of them. The methods are designed to - as far as possible - be applicable in every country preferably independent of the cultural and individual background of the adolescents. That transferable approach should help overcome the problem of propensity to violence and the lack of conflict resolutions especially with discriminated young people. This brings out a considerable additional value to Europe.

5. Strengthen democracy as a base of Europe

The communication and transfer of the European democratic structure of values is supposed to be a central objective of the project "Move it. Empowerment through outdoor education" which should especially address to the target group of adolescents. However, the project will help to impart the positive evaluation of the European Community which provides particular opportunities for the individual.

Violence as a means of enforcing ideas must be replaced by self-confidence and personal responsibility by encouraging participation and involvement of the young people in the project.

6. Low-threshold offers addressed to disadvantaged young people

The project offers various opportunities to deal with individual backgrounds of the young people such as migration background, problems in school, aggressive behaviour against themselves and others or social barriers will easily be allowed to the participating adolescents. It imparts a strengthening of self-confidence and self-esteem by cooperative and adventure-based elements and exercises, by low-threshold and partly non-verbal exercises as well as creative compromises