Duha Velka Medvedice – nature, sports, amateur art and fun

Duha Velka Medvedice, founded 1983, is a local group of Duha Association via which we are members of the International Young Naturefriends.

We are an authentic club of cool people preparing rainbow-coloured programmes for active leisure time of teenagers and young ones. At least once a month we organize an outdoor weekend event mostly with hiking, sports, amateur art activities or just fun.  Each summer, we organize a two week teen camp with an attractive theme (like Pirates of the Carribean or Prehistory). The most favourite event we organize is Commandos, a simulation of an army training naturally in forests. Recently, there is about 20 active people in our local group.

Since 2008, we have been active in international youth exchanges. With our German partner, Naturfreundejugend Württemberg we organized a middle-age camp in Czechia (August 2008), an Easter event in Prague (April 2009), a prehistoric camp in Germany (August 2009) and a recent activity, which was Commandos in the end of October 2009 in Germany.

In 2010, we are running two summer camps with a German partner, Fahrten-Ferne-Abenteuer (Nuremberg, Berlin) and for 2010 and 2011 we are a part of a multilateral project "Move it!" co-ordinated by Naturfreundejugend Thüringen, Germany.

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Duha Velká Medvědice

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