Centre Social et Culturel du Verteillacois (CSC)

CSC is a non-profit-making NGO established in 2003. CSC is above all an association committed to secular values and education for all. It has the support of the Family Allowance Fund (Caisse d'allocations Familiales) and the Community of Municipalities of Verteillacois (CCV).

This support commits the CSC to four main aims.

First aim:
To be a means of carrying out its social role throughout the Verteillac area.

Second aim:
To be a means of contact with families and all generations.

Third aim:
To be a place to enliven social life.

Fourth aim:
To be a place of innovative joint social and cultural activities.

These aims are divided into several different focus points:

A reception and multi-media centre, where Associations and individuals are welcomed, and IT training is available. A child and young people unit, intended to reinforce education of the young by non-formal education methods.

A family unit, intended to organise cultural and leisure projects for and with families; to create or re-create social links, also to study the problem of ageing of the rural population.

A Europe unit, intended to organise European projects, in order to explore other cultures and other professional activities.

A culture unit, intended to give every-one access to Culture, by organising concerts, performances and cultural activities throughout the area.

And perhaps soon, a unit for socio-professional integration, intended to help people to get into – or back into - the world of work by increasing employability, helping with personal and professional projects, and informing and advising work-seekers.

The CSC's geographical area consists of the 17 Communes (villages), which make up the Canton of Verteillac, a population of 4000.

The CSC has an annual budget of 420,000€, has 8 paid trained employees and a voluntary support staff of 20.

Contact details:

Centre Social et Culturel du Verteillacois
Av d'Aquitaine

24320 Verteillac

F: +33-553903624

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